Build a garden for less than 3 dollars

May 19, 2010 by

This is the “you have no excuse not to” garden post.

Did you know you could buy bags of top soil from the dollar store?  Guess how much? Only 1 dollar!

Did you know you could buy potting containers from the dollar store?  Guess how much?  Only 1 dollar!

Did you know you could buy seeds from the dollar store?  Guess how much?  Nope… only 25 cents per pack!

I didn’t know this until I walked into my local dollar store looking for who-knows-what and I noticed big bags of potting soil near the entrance.  “These can’t be only a buck” I thought to myself, but as the big sign outside clearly states, it was only 99 cents.

Then I did some scouting around the store and found the seed stand.  All seed packets, even though priced at 99 cents on the packet, was only 25 cents each.  I bought a ton of seeds and that is what I planted in my big garden.  Seeds packets at Home Depot run anywhere from $1.50 to $3.00 and I had to buy a few of these to fill in the missing vegitables i wanted to grow, but I found about 90% of what I wanted to grow at the dollar store.

All that to say… you can build a little herb garden or plant some smaller garden containers for next to nothing!  You have no excuse not to plant something editable in your backyard or apartment patio area.

Here is a quick project I put together for less than 3 dollars


I got dirt, a container and some seeds.  Less than $3.00


I added some rocks from my yard to the bottom of the container for better drainage


Add soil to container


Plant seeds.  Water it.  Put it out in the sun.  And thats it.

You now have a little garden growing.

I’m planting a little bruschetta box with tomatoes, basil and onions.   You can plant whatever you want that will fit the container you are planting it in.  A good idea is to plant some herbs in some containers so you have some fresh herbs for cooking.  You can’t buy a single herb or spice at the store for less than 3 dollars.

Optional: Set it up to auto water itself.   I didn’t find these at the dollar store, but I did find a 6 pack of these watering cones at Harbor Freight for $3.99.


Depending on the size of your container, use a 1 liter or 2 liter bottle, fill it with water and put the spike into your container to have it auto water the roots as it needs it.


I’m not sure it will work in the container I bought, its a little shallow, but you get the idea.

OK Homework time.  If you’ve been saying you want to plant a garden but weren’t sure of the cost or amount of work it would be to set it up, this is your chance.   Go to the local dollar store, buy some supplies and plant a mini garden.    Plant some herbs.  Plant some lettuce.  Plant whatever you want and email me to show off your mini dollar store gardens.


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