Cutting the (phone) cord.

May 28, 2010 by

Do you have a cell phone?  Probably.

Does everyone in your family have a cell phone?  Probably.

Do you still have a home phone line too? Why?

I finally got rid of my landline phone when I realized I would never answer it because I knew it was a telemarketer.   I looked into VOIP alternatives to keep the homephone, but not pay the monthly bill.  I read some good reviews on Ooma (affiliate link) and almost bought it, but instead I just canceled my service and put all the phones in the closet.  And you know what?  I don’t miss it.  At all.

If you still have a homeline, ask yourself, “Do I need this?  Do I use this?”  PBS has a great article on some other VOIP alternatives, but think about it.  You may not even need a home phone at all.  Cancel the service and save yourself some money.


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  • daveb

    haven't had a landline in 2 years. i think aaron and kirsten peterson got rid of theirs about 8 years ago. most folks i know dropped them, and the ones that still do have very limited min. plans and need the unlimited mins. of a home phone. hmmmm . . .

  • Xtcapple

    You always seem to hit the mark. A friend of mine who is out here going to school. Oddly ever since he was about 10 years old. Told me way back when that while visiting his parents in Japan. That over there there was no land lines and this had to be close to 20 years ago +/- 5 years. They had celular base phones at their house. Your calls went to the house and was sent out to their personal cells and the family all had the same line and would all ring at once. The personal phones also had a personal line. This all sounded great and I believed him. His dad was a high ranking officer for Sony and he always would have cell phones that were way before their time. Almost light years ahead of us. He had a razor years before they were he in the US. It was a give away by the time it hit here. But when he was telling me this, the first thing that came into my mind was how annoying ! Who wants their home phone following them around everywhere they went. Better yet who wants a home phone period?? I've been without a home phone ever since the days of brick phones. Even before that pagers where the only number I gave out. I kept the home phone then just for call backs. Blocking the number every time. Shedding the home phone asap was a welcomed relief. Maybe not the money back then. But defiantly saves you money now days. thanks for all the wonderful writings. I love Rowe and Dirty Jobs needs to come back soon !!!!

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