My Garden Overfloweth

Jun 25, 2010 by


My garden is growing like crazy.   I planted everything from seed in the beginning of March and I’m already harvesting a ton of vegetables. I’m new to gardening and you can see how I built my garden in these earlier posts:

I’m lazy, so I built a big garden

A Truly Simple Garden: The Beginning

A TrulySimple Garden – building the raised beds, dirt, water, and planting the seeds


I’m learning as I go.  One thing I’ve learned quickly is to not plant so much stuff.  I’m never going to be able to eat all that squash!


But I knew I was going to give away a lot of vegetables and thats part of the fun.


I’ve already eaten one large zucchini out of the garden and just picked another.


The beats will be ready to eat soon.


The tomatoes started off small, but have now taken off are are going to produce aproximately 597 tomatoes.


And I have baby watermelons!! Lots of them.  I can’t wait to be eating these this summer.


going to have lots of cantaloupe too.  That will be nice to walk out, pick a cantaloupe, and eat it for breakfast


Beans are starting come in and are very cute.


And yes I have 4 foot high cilantro.  Well not anymore.  I trimmed it back, but yeesh!   Look at that stuff.


You can see the zucchini and squash overflowing from the box there.  Going to have A LOT of those.  But I LOVE zucchini bread so thats all good.  Now I just have to get my mom to fly down and make it for me.


Here is some vegetables we pulled out to eat the other day.  yummy


And I caught my wife out working in the garden.  At first she didn’t like the idea of the garden and thought it would not work.  She now loves the garden and actually likes to work out in it.  She puts on her podcasts and goes to town.  She says its soothing, and she’s right.


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