Orange rolls cooked in oranges over a fire

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First, a big giant welcome to all the new users from Pinterest and Pillsbury.  I hope you enjoy TrulySimple and let me know what you think.

We Went camping with our friends to Pismo Beach state park over the weekend and had a great time.  We love Pismo Beach and especially love eating at Splash’s Cafe.  They have the best clam chowder in the world.

I love camping and I love eating while camping.  It just all tastes better for some reason.

For breakfast on the last day, we tried out something fun with the kids and created some great orange rolls that we cooked inside of oranges over the fire.  My wife got this recipe from a friend and we through we would try it out, and it turned out great.

You will need:

  • Oranges
  • Pillsbury Grands! Orange Flavor Rolls
  • A Camp fire


Madison was my little helper for this and she did a great job.


Cut the oranges in half.

DISCLAIMER #1: No children were harmed in the making of these orange rolls.  Yes kids can use knives safely when supervised by adults.


scoop out the insides

DISCLAIMER #2: All of the orange bits we scooped out were eaten and not wasted.


Grab the Pillsbury Grands! Orange Flavor Rolls and put one in each orange half.


Put the oranges onto a baking sheet or something you can throw on top a fire


Looking good


cover the oranges with tinfoil


throw the cooking tray on the fire


The rolls will rise as they bake


these smell amazing as they are cooking over the fire


Once the rolls have risen pull them off of the fire.  Watch that they don’t burn if you have a hot fire.


Add the icing to the rolls


sticky, yummy, and oh so good.


Now you eat them and enjoy the morning campfire.

These were a big hit with all the kids as well as the adults.  We were all clamoring to eat these as we sat around the morning campfire.

Try these next time you are camping


Thanks for all the comments on this post but WOW some of them are crazy!  Again, all parts of the oranges were eaten and no children cut off their limbs while helping make them.

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  • Ben

    Yes you can wrap them in foil and place them in hot coals as well.  I haven’t done it but I’ve seen it done.

  • Dawn Fobes

    just found this and really people are complaining about wasting oranges and using a knife. I guess it’s great to hear that they don’t waste anything and their garbage men must love them for never having garbage since they don’t waste anything (was that enough sarcasm?)

    My kids are 18, 14 and 10 and learned at 3 to use a butter knife, then a sharp knife. I’m not having kids that can’t use utensils or know how to cook. My 14 yr old loves to bake and bakes without me hovering now because she knows how to use everything responsibly. Oh my dad taught my 18 yr old to weld when he was 5 and my 10 yr old learned how to change brakes and oil when he was that age (not that I’m letting him work on my car but he was shown how to do these things) Kids need to learn things instead of expecting everything to be done for them their whole life.

  • Ben

    Amen sister!

  • Luis

    What one? A camper? An orange? A blogger? Another waste? Please, you’ve confused me! Hehehehe
    Good camps!

  • Ndoki Hasaki

    Although I was never big into cooking as a kid, I was huge into crafts. I’ve been using exacto knives since I was 9. Once I accidentally sliced open the vein in the palm of my hand and had to get stitches, but not only did I survive, I learned how to treat sharp objects with respect. Cuts build character.

  • pcdiva1964

    The worst kichen injury I ever got was with a butter knife while using it to try to peel a banana. I stabbed myself to the bone with the dull point. But I survived that injury by making myself a splint out of a tinker toy to keep pressure on the wound. I was 8 and if I had told my mom I needed more than a bandaid I would have been on my way to the er in minutes. Girl Scouting taught me a lot about what to do in an emergency so I did it. Kids can handle knives, ovens, fires, etc. at a fairly young age with supervision. I was making a banana sandwich. If the stove or a sharp knife had been involved my mom would have been at my side. Next time I made a banana sandwich mom gave me a plastic knife and was right there. I’ve never cut myself with a sharp knife because I have been taught how to use one from age 7 or so. I worked in the pizza industry for 20 years and never burned myself on the ovens. I’ve never had stitches outside of surgery. Because my mom and Scouting taught me the correct ways to use kitchen tools starting at a young age.

  • pcdiva1964

    Right no foil in the microwave

  • pcdiva1964

    Peach pits are poisonous.

  • California Kid

    So is there an actual recipe, I could print out?

  • Ben

    No recipe to print out. It’s pretty easy and detailed out with the pictures above.

  • Maria Darazs

    Cant wait to try these!!!


    do not think *anybody*


    “literate” .. rofl

  • come on people

    sarcasm people, sarcasm…

  • hah

    I’d zest some of the oranges & either sprinkle the zest on each roll or add it to the glaze (or both).

  • Ben

    Great idea!

  • ms. me

    i have a feeling that the sugar in the icing would burn more quickly than the dough. and it looks like the dough in the orange cup got more toasty on the underside.. such is baking in a tin foil oven :)

  • eleanorrubymoon

    You can then dry out the orange peels over the fire and use them as kindling. My mother would keep the orange peels from squeezing our orange juice every morning before school (for 5 kids)l, put them in the oven of the wood stove all day long and then use them as kindling for the fire in the late winter afternoon. The fire would have a wonderful smell of oranges. She was the original recycler.

  • Ben

    Sounds like a great mom!

    Sent from Mailbox for iPad

  • Clocklin

    As a dierctor of a small Montessori-based pre-k through Kindergarten school, I thank you for sharing the idea that children can be responsible in using knives, helping with food preparation and such. Many parents today much rather do the work themselves than take the time to teach, demonstrate and involve their children in the learning processes of practical life skills. Our school has glass in the classroom that the children begin using at the age of 2 1/2. They are taught to respect and be responsible for their activities, the classroom and the school. At this age, they also begin working in our organic gardens, helping to plant, weed, harvest and prepare vegetables for our snack time. Our students love this work, and are much more willing to try zucchini hummus, baked kale chps and salads because they have helped with the many processes. We strive to instill independence, self-confidence and responsibility in our students, and in the process, we attain happy and calm children who love to come to school! Keep up the great work!

  • Ben

    Ahh. Thank you. Best comment ever!

  • Clocklin

    Thank you Ben!

  • ♞ Castle Black ♞

    Why are you so stupid?

  • ♞ Castle Black ♞

    Why are you so fucking stupid?

  • ♞ Castle Black ♞


  • Sonya

    Very neat!

  • Jen

    Just want to say that I work at a preschool with young children that learn how to serve themselves, cut their own food(with age appropriate knives) and conduct many cooking experiments. Some of them know how to cook better than their parents and will (hopefully) be better off for it in the long run. Thank you for a delicious post and can’t wait to try it canoeing in Maine this summer :)

  • Amy

    This looks so incredibly awesome and delicious. I’ll give it a try at my family’s next barbeque. ALSO: I am 13. I have been cooking since I was 10, mostly through examples set by my parents and what I picked up from Food Network. I’ve been comfortable using knives for a couple years now. I make dinner for my family whenever I can, and my own breakfast. Anyone who says kids can’t use knives or cook is utterly blind and horribly sheltered.

  • Ben

    right on Amy! you rock!

  • Love to camp

    I can’t wait for this Wisconsin snow to leave so we can try to make these yummy rolls. Great tutorial! Thank you for sharing!

  • Jen

    The OP’s screen name is “nobody”

  • Krissie

    Hmm…is it possible to do these in an oven, as well? I’m not really the sort to enjoy camping…

  • Ben

    Yes you can do them in an oven but go camping.  Everything tastes better camping.

  • Krissie

    I’m not really the outdoorsy type, though ;-P I was when I was little, but I like warmth and my books

  • Ben

    That’s what campfires and kindles are for.

  • Krissie

    True :P First I would also have to find someone to go with, and get time off.

  • Ben

    try this… Go on your social network of choice that your friends hang out on. Post something like this: Hey I want to go camping this weekend, who’s wants to go with me? Grab the friends that respond and go camping this weekend. Take a Friday off if you need to. It’s just that simple and you will be the cool friend who made it all happen.

  • Krissie

    That might be fun :) I should try it this summer, right now my area’s getting a lot of rain.