TrulySimple Monthly Roundup

Jun 5, 2010 by

Where does the time go?  TrulySimple is one month old today.  Thank you for checking out TrulySimple and for all the great feedback you have sent.

Here are some of the most popular posts this past month and a couple that I really liked too.


I really enjoy cooking and I’m really enjoying being able to share some great recipes with you.  The Garlic-lime pan seared shrimp with quinoa, corn on the cob and fresh blackberry cobbler was very popular and my wife asked me to make this again the other night, so that tells you how awesome it is.  Write yourself a note to make this one night this week.  Its super easy and so delicious.

IMG_9287 Also you must make the Truly Memorial Buffalo Chicken Pizza. I swear this is the best pizza I’ve ever eaten. Trust me on this one.


My garden is growing like CRAZY and I’m loving it.  More than that, I’ve been told by many people, and just again today, that they are starting a garden.  If you are thinking about starting a garden, I highly recommend doing so.  Its been a very fun project and I love eating fresh vegetables that I just picked.


You can check out the garden project on these posts:

I’m lazy, so I built a big garden

A Truly Simple Garden: The Beginning

A TrulySimple Garden – building the raised beds, dirt, water, and planting the seeds

and if you think you can’t build a garden or don’t have the time or the space you need to read, how to Build a garden for less than 3 dollars

The Rest:

I got a lot of hits and good feedback from Paying bills sucks… stop doing it. I’m all for saving time, money and making things simple.

And I really liked the video in Do something nice for someone you don’t know this weekend so much.  Watch it if you haven’t seen it and do something nice for someone you don’t know.

Thanks to everyone and have a great weekend


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