A Simple Chair That Rocks

Jul 28, 2010 by

Check out this awesome rocking chair that generates its own electricity while you rock.

It stores the electricity you generate by rocking in its battery pack for later use.  Brilliant

via ilikecool

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  • http://www.trulysimple.com Ben

    Damn. You are right!!

  • http://www.alpinemagnum.co.uk Captainllama

    You need to think about that in a little more depth. It's not as if the chair is suspended from the lamp. When a wheel rotates, does the axle remain stationary?

  • http://www.alpinemagnum.co.uk Captainllama

    Yes, it's called a chair. No light included.

  • God

    no, your mass would be too great for you to move past 1c, you would turn into a black hole

  • Ckbj2010

    You realize your comment is more stupid than any of the others you're making fun of right?

  • Just a Guy

    So this is a chair… I'm wondering about other pieces of furniture. For those who are significantly active in bed you could charge those reading lights on the night stand…

  • potsmgots

    The light might not be as distracting due to the fact it is only an OLED bulb. Not too bright, but bright enough to be able to read the book that's closer to the light then the floor. Great idea.

  • potsmgots2

    to the book I mean. Closer to the book then the floor

  • http://twitter.com/djslash Slash

    this chair really rocks!!!

  • Lalalala

    his mass wil never be enought for turning into a black hole

  • Blaze

    I want one of this for when there is black outs

  • http://www.vedettestore.com shapewear

    the light will not move, with respect to the reader..

  • http://www.vedettestore.com George

    This will give a creepy effect to the room that it is lighting.

  • kmsrh

    It is a good idea – a new twist on trying to be sustainable. I would love to try it out first before I can criticize this idea further. So, is there a product test review on this?

  • Anonimouse

    he could never reach lightspeed in a rocking chair anyway

  • Stevewarters

    pointless having a light if you fall asleep when your rocking

  • Thischairblows


  • Guest

    I just judge you for your over-use of the “…”. It's called a space. Use it.

  • Victoria Whitten

    Wow,can u hook anything else to it?

  • Vanessa

    i like how it looks i think if it were more contemporary it would look too cliche. i think the design looks very modern.

  • typographyfeed

    Not gonna lie this is really cool!

  • Chuck norris

    But i can

  • Michael

    It's like Einstein's fanclub decided to comment here. jeez
    Don't like, don't buy.

  • Blackwelljoyce

    no comment right now

  • Duce


  • Jack

    Hilarity right there.

  • Motomax431

    You’re an idiot.

  • Lil_Lizzie_13

    because cuck norris can do ANYTHING

  • Theroad2rune

    Except beat Bruce Lee in Enter the Dragon

  • Somedude

    The special relativity theory suggests that even if you were rocking at the speed of light any particle traveling at the speed of light would still travel at the speed of light from your reference (so you would still see the light as usual), the speed of light is the fastest speed possible, and any object with mass cannot reach light speed.

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  • guest

    this isn’t a watch now is it?

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  • SeymourButts

    I’m so glad I read these comments.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, everything genius is actually simple.

  • Stuob23

    Cuck norris the hen pecked ninja

  • Karel

    kool,i would want it

  • Soupy

    Best comments ever! :P

  • http://www.abpress.com/ Vehicle wraps

    Brilliant. And I must say, fresh air in our cinder days.

  • http://www.abpress.com/ Custom poster

    Brilliant. And I must say, fresh air in our cinder days.

  • Ashrose6

    this chair looks really amazing and “simple”… the lighting when you rock is definately a concern, maybe a video or pictures can be put up to prove that it wouldn’t be???

  • G E

    you really tried too hard to sound funny with that comment.

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  • http://www.mccormickmurphy.com/ Personal Injury Attorneys Colo

    That’s absolutely incredible!

  • http://roma.bbakeca.com/bakeca-donna-cerca-uomo/roma-1 Donne Roma

    Very clever idea! I love it!