How (NOT TO) make vegitable chips

Sep 21, 2010 by

So I’m addicted to those vegetable chips you can get from most health food stores.  The ones I get from Henry’s market can be found in those big bulk barrels and they are delicious and expensive.  They run 5-6 bucks a pound, but they are so tasty.   So I set out to make some of my own since I have a bunch of vegetables in the garden.  How hard could it be?

Well I did all the work of cleaning, peeling and slicing the vegetables real thin and set them out to dry per the various instructions I found in researching this idea.  This process left me with a beautiful counter full of veggies drying out and the realization that it was 9:45 at night and I would be up all night baking these things.

Well, they dried and then I baked them in many many batches and ended up with this.

and while they looked good for the most part they just didn’t turn out.  They were all soggy, minus a few crispy carrot slices.  I let them dry out further and even tried to re-bake a batch but alas it was not to be.   Its back to the drawing board to figure out how they make those delicious vegetable chips.  Perhaps I need a dehydrator.

If you know of a good (working) recipe for how to make some good veggie chips, let me know please.  You can reach me at ben (at) or you can leave a comment.


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