What I want for Christmas

Nov 26, 2010 by

I have a house full of stuff

I have a closet full of clothes

I don’t need anything.

Is there some gadget I don’t have?  Sure, lots of them.  Is my car on its last leg?  Yeah, kind of, but it works.

When asked what I want I have to think about it.  I don’t know.

That’s when I realize what I want for Christmas.   Nothing.

I don’t want more stuff I don’t need that I then have to find somewhere to store.

What I would really like for Christmas this year is for that time, money and energy to go toward those that really need it.

Please donate to one of these great organizations.




This Christmas please help someone who truly needs it.

If you absolutely must buy a gift for someone, make it something you can experience and do together.  Buy tickets to an event, take a class, go out on an adventure together.   Spend some time with friends and family making great memories this year.


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