Finally a discount on giving!

Dec 13, 2010 by

You get discounts all the time when you shop, but not so much when you give.   Why not?

Well Groupon is running a great promotion for $15 for $25 worth of microloan credit at and I think its a great idea and a great way to get started with Kiva.

I’ve mentioned Kiva before in my thoughts on Christmas post, and I’ll cut right to the chase and say that if you are looking to do something good this Christmas, take a look at what Kiva is doing and join them.   Kiva works by providing microloans to those in need around the world.  These are not just donations.  This money is lent out and repaid back to you to then re-loan out to others.  There is a virtuous circle here where your money and effort are at work and repaid over and over again to do more good to those that need it.

This Groupon is a great way to test it out and do some good this holiday season.

Check it out. I just bought it.


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