1-A-Week: Week 3: Broken Subwoofer

Jan 20, 2011 by

** UPDATE ** Less than an hour later it was picked up.  I love Craigslist so much.

This weeks One-A-Week is an old Subwoofer I’ve had sitting around for way too long.  It stopped working some time ago and I’ve tried fixing it multiple times to no avail, so finally its getting out of my house.

This weeks method of removal is the good ole “curb alert” on craigslist.  Simply put your item you are giving away out on the curb and post it on craiglist of when they can pick it up.  Super easy.  Just be nice and remove your craigslist posting when the item(s) are taken.

Craigslist tips for Curb Alerts

  • don’t put your phone number – you’ll get calls all day
  • for free stuff like this you don’t even need an email, just put your address
  • Take the post down as soon as the item is taken

What item are you getting rid of this week for your 1AW?


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