1-A-Week: Week 8 – Just some old clothes

Feb 25, 2011 by

Ok the 1AW tradition continues where I am getting rid of (at least) one thing per week.

some old clothes to donate

I’m doing this to help simplify my life, and reduce clutter.   Getting rid of 1 thing per week is a nice way to take bite size chunks out of the problem of having too much stuff around that you don’t need.

This week’s 1AW is just a bag of old clothes.  Very easy.  And Yes I did with the DivX Chili Cookoff, but I also have 93 DivX shirts and don’t wear them all anymore so out it goes…sniffle…tear.

I donated this bag of clothes to Amvets (a Salvation Army/Goodwill type of organization)

What could you get rid of that you don’t need or use anymore?