BLTA Lettuce Wraps

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Lettuce is IN people.  Last March when I planted my garden I WAY over planted the lettuce.   Those seeds are so freaking small and I had no idea what I was doing.  So I had so much lettuce I didn’t eat.  Anyway, the lettuce bolted and I took it all out.   And then, much to my pleasant surprise, the lettuce came back on its own.


Well its back  in full force (and I didn’t even replant it) and while not as much as last time, still way too much, so its time to eat lettuce.

I’m also trying to do the low carb diet thing since my friend Brandon was in town and we did nothing but go out to eat and pig out on great food.

So I set out to do some BLTA (Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, and Avocado)  lettuce wraps with a great corn and bean salsa.  This is so easy to make.


The only thing you cook in this recipe is the bacon.   Just fry some up in a pan.  Super simple.


Fresh lettuce from the garden


Slice up your tomatoes


Slice up the avacado


Then just build your wrap.  Start with the lettuce, and add the tomato


Then layer on the tasty tasty bacon.


Not sure where my pic of the avocado on there went, but its in there.  You can also see the corn and bean salsa I made that was so freaking awesome with and on the wrap.   Its super easy to make, but you’ll need a Trader Joe’s near by.


The salsa is just three ingredients and is so easy to make.

You’ll need:

1 jar of Trader Joes double roasted salsa

1 jar of Corn Chile

1 can of organic black beans


In a bowl add the black beans


then the corn


then the salsa


and stir.  thats it.  seriously

This salsa is so good and I plan on eating it on everything this week.

So thats it for the easy BLTA lettuce wraps.  If you’ve got some great lettuce recipes PLEASE let me know in the comments.  I need to eat all of this lettuce asap.


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