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If your coffee table looks like this picture, you need help.  But don’t fret, there is hope for you.

all my remotes

Those are all my remotes that my new universal remote replaces.  I had a great Harmony universal remote but it had finally wore out.  So I set out to find and get a new one, and here’s the one I got.

my new remote

My new remote, the Logitech Harmony Xbox 360 Remote, was designed for the Xbox 360, which I don’t have, but its still an amazing remote.  If you’ve never heard of the Harmony brand of remotes and have had a ton of trouble with old universal remotes, read on, because this is the remote for you.

Harmony Remotes

Universal remotes used to be a pain in the ass to set up, where you’d have to look up and enter in all these codes from a manual and it would never quite work right so you’d still need to keep your old remotes out to make it all work.  Harmony works differently.  With these remotes you set them up on your computer by simply telling the program what kind of TV, DVD, DVR etc you have and it does all the setup for you.

You set up “Activities” such as Watch TV, or Watch a movie and then walk through the program telling it what devices you use for each and it sets up everything for you.  It takes a few minutes to walk through the setup process and most of that time is finding the model numbers off of your devices.  Once you set up what devices are used for a given activity, such as Watching TV, the remote does all the work for you and turns on all the right devices and sets them all to the correct settings.

This is the only remote I use now.  I encourage you to simplify your life a little bit and get one of these.

I’m going to now sell my old harmony on eBay to someone who’s looking for a broken remote for my 1AW.


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