Free money time of year

Feb 22, 2011 by

I almost forgot that it was that time of year again.

Every year around late February or early March I get free money in the mail.  Today I got one of two checks that I get every year for doing absolutely nothing.  I do no extra work for these checks.  They just show up each year.   How do I do this?

This goes back to my Paying bills sucks… stop doing it post.  On that post I give you the simple 3 step process on how I do this.

The gist of it is simply get a credit card that pays you dividends or a percentage of what you put on the card each year.  I do this with an Amex card I use for eating out, travel and gas at Costco as I get 3%, 5%, and 2% respectfully on those things and 1% back on everything else I put on that card.

Then I also use my REI Visa card for everything else.   If you love outdoors gear I highly recommend this card.  Sign up for this card and if you use my REI member number you’ll get an extra $20 gift card from REI.  My REI number is: 03206230

If you haven’t read the Paying bills sucks… stop doing it post, I recommend it.  It lays out the instructions on how to do this and what to avoid.


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