March 31st is World Backup Day

Mar 31, 2011 by

Who knew that there was such a thing?

Well apparently there is, and its today.

What is World Backup Day you ask?   Well its simply a reminder that you should backup your data.  All of your digital files, pictures, music etc are fragile and they need to be protected.  Computers crash.  Hard drives fail.  Natural disasters happen.

You need to make sure you have a copy of those files somewhere as a backup, and thus here we are on World Backup Day.

How/Where to backup your files:

  • A USB thumbdrive – Good for quick backups of a few important files, but it may not have enough room to backup everything.  If you don’t have one, I recommend you get one.
  • An external harddrive – Great for backing up all your data.  Its quick, and hard drives are cheap.  But what happens if your water heater breaks and floods your whole house and wipes out both your computer and your backup?
  • Backing up online – This is a great solution to always have a copy of your files stored somewhere else that is safe.  The downside of this is that it may be slow to upload all of these files the first time, but after that it only updates changes to the files.

So what should you do?

All three and then some.

I recommend having a USB thumbdrive for your really important files.  Store it in a safe or safety deposit box if you have either, otherwise somewhere safe and dry.

I also recommend a good external hard drive – Great for backing up all your data.  Its quick, and hard drives are cheap. to have a local copy of all of your files on hand.  Hard drives are cheap these days and it really really sucks to lose an important document or some memories in all of your digital pictures.

And finally a good online backup solution is needed.  I use Dropbox, and LOVE it, for all my important files I work with everyday so I always have the latest copy where ever I need them.  I also use Carbonite for ALL of my files, and they are OK.  I have backed up 467GB of data with them (thats a lot) and they have worked fairly well over the years.  I had some trouble when I switched from XP to Windows 7 on my desktop machine.  I’m also looking at other online backup solutions such as Crashplan, or Backblaze.

I’ve had computers die on me.  I’ve had hard drives crash.  Its a HORRIBLE feeling to realize you lost some very important file or those great pictures from your last trip.  Don’t let this happen to you and backup your data today.


If you’ve got any questions on any of this, let me know in the comments.

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