My dream….garage

May 23, 2011 by

I have a dream.

Part of that dream involves this garage.

Well not THAT garage, per se, but OH MY GOD, how cool is that garage?!  It is so cool, that its now part of my dream.

The dream is for a garage/workshop that is big enough to house all of my projects, and I have A LOT of projects.  I LOVE building stuff.  I LOVE fixing stuff.  I LOVE working with my hands and tools and bringing something back to life that once was broken and almost thrown away.  Or I love turning trash into something useful.  I LOVE projects!

I work on our cars, and have one project car going on now.  I love woodworking and building furniture or garden boxes.  I have A LOT of tools I’ve been lucky enough to receive from parents and grandparents or good finds at swapmeets and I enjoy using each and every one of them.  I only wish i had a space big enough to house them all and give me a comfortable space to work on all my projects.

Now I don’t need a two story airport hanger such as this, but I would like a larger workshop/garage and I really dig the idea of making it not look like a large workshop/garage with this awesome door facade.  I am totally going to do this when my dream is realized and I get a larger workshop/garage space.

Check out this thing in action.  I love it.


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  • Ivan the wandering trap

    GUNDAMMIT!! I want that garage, now!!

  • Simon Schempp

    You’re right. That garage really looks cool. Just imagine, you own a cool car and then by chance you also own this garage. I’m sure anyone will be happy if they own at least any of this. And the fact that it’s big enough to become your workshop is also great.

  • Makayla Chalker

    Now that’s what I call a garage. I can understand why you’ll call this your dream garage; after all, aside from the unique door, it’s really spacious inside, which is really one of the ideal features of a garage. Simon is right, anyone will be happy to own a garage like this.