Best thing you’ve ever done

Jun 23, 2011 by

You know when you have those things you do that after you do them you stop and think,

“why didn’t I do that years ago?”

Its those things that each time you use it, or look at it think,

“I am so happy I did this!”

I have a few of those things and I will share them with you, but I also want to learn from yours. What awesome thing have you done that has become one of your Best Things Ever that you did?

Let’s spread the joy and knowledge and share those with the world.

I’m going to break this out into a series of posts so we can get specific advice/projects in different areas, but please send me any and all projects/ideas etc that you consider your Best Thing Ever.

I’ll get this started with the kitchen. I love my kitchen and I love to cook.

Here’s the Best Thing Ever I did for my kitchen.  What about you?  Any good kitchen projects that you are happy with?

Please share in the comments or drop me a note and let me know so I can feature it here on TrulySimple.


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