Cool bookcase with hidden drawer

Jun 8, 2011 by


I love secret compartments.  Who doesn’t?  Hidden doors, secret passageways, secret compartments, they are all awesome and I think everyone should have them.  That is why I love this bookcase so much.

This amazing woodworker, Brian Grabski, has created a masterpiece in this bookcase.

The hidden drawer is accessed via a special combination of the draws being pulled out into specific locations and then a secret nob pops out of a knot of wood.  Turning it and pushing it back in reveals the secret.  How ScoobyDoo cool is that?


Watch the video below to see this thing in action.


I love woodworking and greatly admire the skill and talent that went into this piece.  I need more furniture with hidden drawers, thats all there is too it.


Check out Brians website

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