Garden update & What is this thing??

Jun 23, 2011 by

OK, I’ve been meaning to do a garden update for a long time.  So here we go…

CORN!!!  I have corn!!!


I tried to corn last time, and it all grew, but only got about 3-4 feet tall and then promptly turned brown and fell over dead.  This time I have several ears that are almost ready to eat.  It didn’t grow super tall again, but its looking much better this year.  I love corn.


I am trying really hard to get better at planting less veggies as its just my beautiful wife and myself and we can’t eat or give all this stuff away fast enough.  I like cucumber, but don’t know that many things to do with it other than salad.  So this year I only planted one plant.  That one plant then took over the entire corner of this box and shows no signs of stopping.


I have many many cucumbers growing very nicely and will be figuring out what to do with them besides a salad. Any ideas?


Finally got some beans to grow.  Those have been elusive until now.  Also planted more peas as I LOVE them when I’m out in the garden.


And I cut down almost all of my artichoke plants and they are already starting to grow back.  I love it when I don’t have to re-plant anything.  Lazy garden FTW!


Same thing here, peppers are coming back nice.


Basil coming in.  I’ve missed having fresh basil for a long time now.  I need to have it all the time.


Here is the lone carrot.  Not sure why I only have one carrot, but behold, here it is.


Also tomatoes didn’t come in crazy like last year.  I did get one plant and it is taking off huge.  This one plant will probably supply all the tomatoes we need.


Yellow squash.  nice.


and yes more zucchini.  These things are growing like nuts.  Just pulled out another 12+ pound one the other night.  Made it into zucchini noodles for pasta.  yummy.


And the beets grow huge in my garden again.  Started eating these again and they are yummy.  Dwight would be so proud.

Now its time to play,

What is this thing growing in my garden????


OK, what is this thing? Is it a weed?  Is it a plant? Vegetable?  Its growing near my strawberries, where I planted a few things, and then forgot what I planted.  Nothing grew, so I put the strawberries there, but then this thing grew up and it looks like its something, but I have no idea what.  Any ideas?


IMG_7000 \

Here are my garden helpers.  And by helpers I mean they sit out front and bark like idiots and everyone that walks by.


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  • Michael Cook

    I’m betting that what you’ve got there is a sunflower.  It’s hard to tell scale in that picture, but if the leaves are bigger than your hand, it’s likely to be a *big* sunflower. 

  • Ben

    Could be a sunflower. I have not planted those in the garden but have planted them in a flower box. Maybe some how a seed got in there. I think I’ll let it grow a bit more and see what it becomes.

  • Dawn Martin

    Ben – why aren’t you pickling your cucumbers?  I’m so jealous of them!  Another great dish is sliced cucumber, sliced onions, water, vinegar, sugar.  OMG delish and only gets better the longer it sits hehe.

    Your garden is looking great.  I have a ton of tomatoes growing this year so I’m super happy but was pretty late planting my squash and zucchini.  I have my third garden box going in now – i just have to get motivated to buy the dirt for it.  My basil got eaten completely.

    I had some great beets this year and I pickled them and only have 1 jar left now =(

  • Ben

    Dawn, yeah I am going to have to learn about pickling this year I think. I have not done that yet.

  • Ben

    you were right!!  It was a sunflower.  It just opened up the other day.  I have NO idea how it got planted over there, but its nice so i’m leaving it for now.

    thanks for the comment!