Bacon wrapped hotdogs

Jun 23, 2011 by

If you’ve never had a bacon wrapped hotdog you are missing out.

I decided to try a video recipe this time. Let me know what you think.

Next time you pass by one of those sketchy looking street vendors selling these give them a try. Or better yet make one yourself.


Like the video recipe? Let me know and I’ll make more.

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Happy Fathers Day!

Jun 19, 2011 by

So last week my wife and I were talking on Sunday and were asking each other, “Is today fathers day?”.  We both thought it was and still forgot to call our dads.  So the next day I called my dad to wish him a happy fathers day and then learned it was today.  At least I was early and not late! haha.

But anyway I wanted to wish both our dads a happy fathers day (actually on fathers day) and say thanks for all you’ve done and do for us.

Here’s my family at Disneyland

Here is Chara’s dad with his girls

Here is my dad with Chara

Thanks for helping out on all our projects.  Here is Chara’s dad helping us run power to our kitchen island.

Here is my dad helping install new hardwood floors after we put in those windows in our big living room remodel.

Thanks again for all you do and for being great dads.

Happy fathers day to all the dads out there.



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1-A-Week: Week 23: I am a tech hoarder

Jun 16, 2011 by

The 1aw project is great for after you’ve done a big purge of stuff you don’t need, want or use anymore. If you’ve got rooms and closets full of stuff to get rid of it makes little sense to do it one item at a time. You need to purge that stuff in one big move. Then start the 1aw to look deeper at the stuff you don’t need and you can get rid of those things one by one.

I’ve done some big purges of clothes and random junk over time and have been enjoying digging deeper with the 1aw project to get rid of even more stuff I don’t need, use, or want.

Last night I set out to clean out a section of my closet where I keep all my electronics junk. My brother in law had his hard drive crash on his laptop and I thought I had an extra one he could use so I set out to find it. I found it but I also found a lot more.

I am apparently a technology hoarder. I don’t save a lot of stuff but apparently when it comes to cables, adapters and hard drives I save those all day long.

I found 18 hard drives, 9 apple monitor adapters, 6 keyboards, 4 mice and more cables than you can shake a stick at.

I also found a lot of stuff to get rid of for my 1aw. Old video cards and an old Blackberry phone are among the pile of stuff that’s going out this week.

I’ve been meaning to clean out that part of the closet for a while now so I was happy to get it done. Also happy to find the hard drive to give to my brother in law to save him from having to buy one.

If you havent started the 1aw project yet you may want to take a look around and do one big purge first to get you started. Start with a closet or one room first. Remove everything from the room or closet and only put back what you actually use, need or want. Get rid of everything else.

One of my next projects is to go through all 18 hard drives and transfer the data to a single drive and get rid of the rest of them.


1AW is a project by which I’m getting rid of at least 1 thing each week that I do not need, want, or use anymore. Doing at least one thing per week helps me reduce the clutter in my life and make room for what is truly important.

What are you getting rid of this week? Leave a comment and let me know.

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Zucchini Waffles

Jun 15, 2011 by

Yes I said it, zucchini waffles.  And yes I made them, and yes they are awesome.

The zucchini have taken over one of my garden boxes.  I did a much better job this year of spacing out the zucchini better.  I only planted a few plants and gave them lots of space.  They took all that space and then some.  They have taken over.  I have more zucchini than I know what to do with.

And we’re not talking small zucchini either.  I picked a HUGE one out and after making a huge double batch of the best zucchini bread in the world, and cooking and eating it with every meal, I still have so much zucchini left over from that SINGLE zucchini.


These things are so big!


And I just pulled out three more huge ones from the garden the other day.  I clearly rock at growing zucchini.

So I am on a mission to cook with zucchini and I had an “a-ha” moment the other night when I thought to myself, “two words, zucchini waffles!!”  They sounded so good, so I set out to modify the most amazing zucchini bread recipe into the most amazing zucchini waffle recipe ever.


And I think I nailed it.  They turned out light and fluffy and supremely awesome.  If your looking for something different, give these a try.

Lets get started, here’s what you’ll need.

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1-A-Week: Week 22: A battery and a lesson in eBay

Jun 10, 2011 by

For this weeks 1AW I’m getting rid of an old battery and charger from my old Canon camera that I was getting rid of from a previous 1AW.  If you saw the update to that post, I did not sell the camera, but rather had it replaced with a brand new camera from Canon for free!

I got the awesome new camera and proceeded to turn around and gift it to my sister for her upcoming birthday as she needed a camera and I did not.  I was however left over with the old camera battery and charger and now want to get rid of it.  Here comes the lesson…

I just learned this the other day so I thought I’d share how I decide weather to sell something on eBay vs Craigslist vs just giving it away.

  • If the item is large and I don’t want to mess with shipping, but is still of some value I try to sell it on Craigslist first.
  • If the item is of questionable value (read: will someone buy this junk?) I do a search on eBay for others selling the same or similar items.  And trust me, people buy crap.  There are A LOT of people who buy A LOT of crap on eBay.

There is a very cool new tool I just learned about that lets you search for what people have sold the same or similar items for.

When searching eBay

Look in the right hand column

On the left side you can filter your results to show or not show certain things.

First you can select if you want to see auction style listings or the buy it now type.

The second and really useful feature is the show “completed listings” option.

This will show you all of the sales that have completed in the past for that item so you can see exactly for what those same or similar items sold for to see if its worth your time selling it on ebay.


I just did a search for this camera battery and charger and there are a lot of cheap Asian after model versions not selling on ebay so its not really worth my time trying to sell mine, so I will probably just give it away.

side note: Does anyone need a used Canon SD110 battery and charger?


1AW is a project by which I’m getting rid of at least 1 thing each week that I do not need, want, or use anymore.  Doing at least one thing per week helps me reduce the clutter in my life and make room for what is truly important.

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