1-A-Week: Week 27: Easy way to know what to get rid of

Jul 15, 2011 by

I’m just beyond the half way point in my 1-A-Week challenge, and it is going very well.

This week I’m going to give you a very great tip to find things you can get rid of.

Here is the tip:  Anything that is in the VERY back of your cupboards and is covered in dust.  That is the stuff you do not use and you can get rid of it.

I find it really frustrating when putting away dishes that I have to push and shove and find room for things I’m using when there are things taking up space in the back of the cupboards that I know I am never using.

To recap, if it is:

A: In the back of the cupboard


B: covered in dust

That is a very good indicator that you do not use that item and can safely get rid of it.  These glasses were covered in dust.

Today I finally got into the back of a cupboard to find these beauties.  These were souvenir glasses from my old company DivX.  I think we got these at our IPO party, but am not sure.  Either way, they are covered in dust, and I no longer work there, so out the door they go.  I’m temped to throw them on ebay and see if anyone would want them, but I may just donate them.

The second thing I found was this who-knows-how-old bottle of margarita mix that clearly is not good anymore.  I am not a big drinker and have no idea how long that thing has been back there, but that is gross, so it is getting tossed out.

It looks like a nice little set here.  Out they go!  And now I can put away the glasses I do use without the hassle of trying to find room for them.


1AW is a project by which I’m getting rid of at least 1 thing each week that I do not need, want, or use anymore. Doing at least one thing per week helps me reduce the clutter in my life and make room for what is truly important.

What are you getting rid of this week? Leave a comment and let me know.