Are you happy?

Jul 8, 2011 by

Serious question. Are you?

This is not rhetorical, I’d really like to know. Please answer in the comments below.

It could be a simple yes or no. Or it could be a bit more complicated and you can explain if needed. The question is simply, are you happy?

I’ve been thinking about this lately and I ran across this questioned asked on Reddit. I immediately answered yes, and then clicked the link and was a bit disheartened by what I saw.

Some of the top answers that got voted to the top were:

“I don’t know”


“Not even a little bit”

Both of these made me pause and think about the question a little more and consider why those are the top answers. It also made me a little sad.

Hold that thought now.

I was also thinking about this info graphic about what keeps us fat. I was thinking about the chemicals we eat everyday in the name of convenience. We all buy and consume these highly processed foods and drinks to save time, but for what? What are we doing with our time that has us so busy that we can’t cook a simple and decent meal? As I looked around me the answer I came to was, “not much”.

I don’t see a lot of great projects being undertaken. I don’t see a lot of people doing amazing things. I do see a lot of people wasting great amounts of time not accomplishing a great deal and yet sacrificing their health for convenience.

OK now back to the question on happiness.

It is obvious that our mental state is directly tied to our physical body.  You cannot separate the two.  I would also put it that our mental state is closely related to what we do; what we create, what we make.   If we just passing through life and not creating anything amazing and still sacrificing our bodies with this convenient processed food then it’s no wonder people aren’t happy.

So I ask again. Are you happy?

I am happy. I am very happy.

Why am I so happy?  Because I choose to be.

I choose to not live a passive life sitting in front of a TV or computer monitor consuming. I choose to create. I choose to build.  I choose to make amazing things.  I choose to spend time with family and friends. I choose to help those around me whenever I can. I choose to actively try to eat things with ingredients I can pronounce. I choose to cook my meals at home. I choose to grow my food in my garden.  I choose to live a simple life that makes me happy.

If you are happy I want to hear why.  If you are not, I’d also like to hear why so I can try to help you become happy.

Please respond and let me know.


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