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When I was in college, there was a crazy guy up in Long Beach with a warehouse that was called Real Soda in Real Bottles and it was the only place where you could find Thomas Kemper root beer, cream soda and the very hard to find, birch beer.  At that time, Thomas Kemper was brewed and only distributed in the northwest, where I was from.

My roommate and I would head up to this warehouse and just go nuts purchasing all sorts of weird varieties that this guy would personally go out and find and bring back.  And he was nuts.  He would talk your ear off until you left, but it was great.

We would then take all those sodas back to the dorm, and stock our fridge and drink them.  We then started selling them to other guys in the dorm and the profits would cover our soda habit.

I ran across this video today, and its simply amazing.

This guy is much cooler than the guy we dealt with, and I just found out that his store, Soda Pop Stop, is up in LA, so I am definitely going there next time I’m up that direction.

I try not to drink any soda as its usually really bad for you, but I love a good root beer and would go nuts in this store.

Cucumber soda?!  Yes please.

Watch 30 seconds of that video and you will watch the whole thing.  That guy is great.


What is your favorite soda?

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