Shredding memories

Aug 15, 2011 by

I am well organized.  Maybe a little too organized.

One of my things-I-hate-the-most is spending time running around looking for something, so I put things where they go.

I can also save things for way too long.   I’m not a hoarder, but I probably save too much.  This was part of the impetus for the 1AW project.

The last room in my house to get remodeled was the office.  In this move, I threw away two filing cabinets.  One was a very large 4 drawer I got at the swap meet for 10 bucks, the other was a very ugly white one with two drawers.  It was also at this time I decided I did not need to keep all the old papers I had in them.

I did a massive recycling job on most of the papers and saved 3 huge boxes of papers to shred.  These were financial documents and such and I just didn’t want to recycle them.  So I’ve been shredding them a little at a time.  

As I shred them I laugh that I kept old payroll forms from jobs I don’t even remember having.  I smile as I shred old court documents from when that lady sued my insurance company from an accident I was in.  There was not a scratch on her car, but she was so injured she couldn’t work.  ha-ha.   I laugh as I shred old expense reports remembering the time I only ate Wahoo’s fish tacos for a week while I worked from Huntington Beach running the web streaming from the surf competitions.  I chuckle as I shred old credit card statements where Chase tried to screw me on some late fees on a closed account.

Its fun to look back on all these times in my life where these problems emerged and consumed my thoughts and energy and now I can barely remember the details.  Just scraps of paper are all that remain of these once “important” times.

I shred old student loan docs and am so thankful I paid those off early.  I shred old eclectic bills and reminisce about the 400 square foot apartment that only costs 13 dollars to run.

I shred old pager bills.  I shred old financial aid forms.  I shred it all and laugh.

Its nice to look back at old problems and realize that they are nothing now and were probably nothing then.


What problems are you going through now that you will probably look back on in 5 to 10 years and probably not even remember?  Why dont’ you stop worrying about them now then?  Just a thought.

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