I built and sank a boat this weekend

Sep 26, 2011 by

What did you do?


As part of an annual tradition, we participated in our communities Nail and Sail again this past weekend.  Its part of Oceanside’s Harbor Day’s festivities and its a lot of fun.  The goal is simple.  You are supplied with some wood, nails and caulk.  You bring your own tools and you get 2 hours to build a boat that you will then sail around the harbor against the other boats.  This is our third year doing it.  The first year, we built an awesome boat that promptly sunk.  The second year our construction was a bit more thought out with pre-built scale models and everything.  While we did win for best construction, the boat was not as fast as it needed to be.


This year we went with a modified design off of a boat we liked last year.  The plan was solid, we had a lot of fun building it, but the results were not as we hoped.


Our theme this year was Rock the Boat and we all dressed up as rock stars (extra points for theme and costumes, and its just fun).  The bright pink paint was thanks to the returned paint section at Home Depot.


We had so much fun and had so many friends come out to cheer us on.


We already have some ideas for our boat for next year. I think we will win, but I’m positive we will have fun.


Here are some more pictures of the fun


The all rock star team, Scott, Heath and Ben


Applying our rockstar makeup


painting the boat


ooh thats a bright pink


we got some helpers to help paint our paddles


mounting the outrigger to the boat


lots of measuring


our dog Monty was well taken care of


lots of nailing too


and the final resting place of our beautiful creation

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