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Wow, its been a while since since my last post.  I’ve been traveling a lot lately and I’m not quite done yet.  I have one more trip, and then I think I’ll be done for a while.  We usually go camping each year, and this years trip had to get cancelled at the last minute.  My wife still had the vacation off of work and wanted to go somewhere so we booked a last minute trip to Mexico.  But we had also already booked a quick rafting trip up near where we were going camping.

So we drove 9 hours and went rafting, which was AWESOME.

Then we drove 9 hours back, packed, and slept for 3 hours and went to Mexico for a week.  Then because we really wanted to visit some friends and family we directly went from Mexico to WA for another week.  We just got back from that a few days ago and in a couple of days we are heading on our 4th and final trip to Boston with my Dad.

Life is for the living

I didn’t mean to book 4 trips, back to back, but it just worked out that way.  I’ve been putting off the trip back east with my dad for years, always too busy to do it.  I don’t always get to travel up north to visit family and friends because of time or money.  I don’t do fun things like rafting enough.  But I should…

We all should.

We need to take the time to do things now that we’ve been putting off for too long.  One thing I leaned while working at DivX, was that there is never a good time to take a vacation.  I was always “too busy”.  I saved up so many vacation hours that I was just loosing them.  There was always some trade show coming up or some big project that needed my attention.

That was a good thing for me to learn.  There never IS a good time to take a vacation, you just have to take one.  The same projects and problems will always be there when you get back.

What are you putting off because you are “too busy”?

Do it now.  Plan it now.  Put it on the calendar.  Make the commitment.


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