The easiest and tastiest mac & cheese you’ll ever make

Oct 21, 2011 by

This is THE easiest and THE most tasty mac & cheese you will ever have.  When you bust this out at partys and pot luck meals your friends will come running over to you, hoist you on their shoulders, and parade you around for being a culinary genius. They will say such wonderful things as, “OMG, that is soooooo good.”, “Best mac & cheese ever!!!”, “You MUST give me the recipe!”.

And here’s where you need to stop.  You DO NOT want to tell your friends what is in this mac and cheese.  It IS the most tasty mac & cheese ever, but it may not be the healthiest of all meals ever.


This recipe is so freaking easy to make.  It only has three ingredients.

So are you ready to make the best mac and cheese ever?   Lets get started…



  • 16 oz Pasta of your choice.  (I like to use penne pasta, but any will work.)
  • 16 oz Velveeta cheese
  • 16 oz heavy whipping cream.
  • (pumpkin only for decoration)
Thats it.  Super simple huh?  Here’s how you put it all together.


Boil pasta as per the directions of your pasta


get your wonderful fake orange colored Velveeta out


cut it up into some chunks


Drain the pasta, and set it aside.  Throw the Velveeta chunks into the pot on low to medium heat


Pour in the heaving whipping cream and stir stir stir!  You do not want to burn the sauce


Keep stirring until you get a wonderfully gooey, cheesy, sauce


Pour sauce over pasta and voila


This is seriously THE best mac & cheese you will ever eat and it is ALWAYS a hit when I bring it parties.

Just do yourself a favor and go for a nice long walk or maybe a half marathon after you eat it.


Please let me know if this is not THE best mac & cheese you’ve ever had.

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  • Jerry Ockfen

    It looks better than all the one’s I’ve ever tasted. Many of the homemade versions are like paste. This one looks like it is worth breakin’ the diet for.

  • Ben

    Very worth it. And it wont break your diet it will destroy it.

  • seahorse

    This looks amazing.  Velveeta is the best to use for mac n cheese.  I might want to try it with cocoanut cream unsweetened and add bacon and some viggies.  Not to make it low cal or anything, just different and like a meal with other goodness in it!
    Thank you

  • Ben

    Everything is better with bacon!

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  • Andrea Heward

    I fry some bacon, mix it in with the macaroni, then add the velveeta and put it in the oven for about 15 mins with some shred cheese on top :D Otherwise I have been making the exact same recipe for about 5 years now

  • Ben

    Bacon makes everything better so I salute you on this excellent addition.

  • Spidercakes

    This is my ‘go-to’ m&c recipe but I add and 1/8th teaspoon of yellow mustard and 1/8th of whats-this-here sauce (worcestershire). Don’t want to dirty a measuring spoon? 1/8th tsp = your pointer nailbed…

  • Ben

    That sounds like a great addition I will have to try it next time.