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Oct 6, 2011 by

I have a master plan.

My plan is to live near my friends.  Or more accurately, have my friends live near me.  I grew up in Washington state and now live in California.  I’ve been slowly moving my friends down one by one over the last several years.  I have now moved 3 families down and am working on the others.  My plan is working very well (the sunshine helps).

One of the best things ever about this plan of mine is that we get together for our big family dinners once a week or so.  Just a night when everyone’s schedule is open that we can go over to one of our places and all sit and eat together.  We cook, we eat, we talk, we play games.  It is wonderful.

If this sounds nice to you, I encourage you to start your own family dinners.  I recently ran across a link on Reddit, (a site I waste entirely too much time on).  It was a great post about how a friend who had a job hosted dinners with his friends who were not as fortunate.  The post received tons of comments but his was one of my favorites:

Man, this struck a chord with me.
I don’t have a particularly needy past or anything of the sort.
Most people would say hey, “He’s cooking for his friends! It’s Easy!”
I thought that at first too, but it’s more then that.
In the picture they are all feeding on a quality homemade meal,that was made with love and care.
Something about that picture brought a tear to my eye. I think that you are accomplishing so many positive things with one act, and I am truly inspired by it.

There were also a lot of comments from users wising they had friends which made me a little sad and entirely grateful for the amazing friends I have.

So this is a call to action for you.

Gather your friends and have dinner with them.  Its so simple, yet one of the best things you could do.

Make a commitment to doing this today.

  1. Call/text/email your friends right now.
  2. Plan a night to get together and eat.
  3. And make this chicken pot pie.  Your friends will think you are a genius.

“The better part of one’s life consists of his friendships.”
– Abraham Lincoln


Now back to my master plan.  I still have more friends to move.

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