Best thing ever: My awesome spice rack

Nov 1, 2011 by

I was tired of my kitchen cupboards being overflowing with spices that I could never find when I needed to, so with some inspiration from the internet I created these.  Its a nice magnetic spice rack that gets all of my spices out of the cupboard and easily accessible when cooking.


This is also a very easy project.  You will need the following:


Individual Clear Glass Spice Jars (Updated link from reader Jill with much cheaper containers, thanks!) & Neodymium Magnets and your spices

Those link to the exact ones that I used for this project.


The nice thing about these magnets is that no glueing is required.  They are nice and strong so I simply put them in the underside of the spice jar lid.  Done and done.


It is also a good idea to label the spices.   Grab your label maker if you’ve got one.


They make these awesome clear labels, which work very well for this project.


and here is the finished jar all labeled.


I took a piece of sheet of metal from Home Depot and glued it under the cabinet for the jars to attach to.

Gorilla Glue works well for this.


Then you just take all the jars…


and put them under the cabinets.  Thats it.  Arrange them how you like.  You will start to notice which ones you use most often and keep those up front for easy access.

I have about 30 or so jars. It freed up a ton of room in my cupboards, it looks really nice, and its really easy to grab the spices when needed.


Have you got a Best Thing Ever?  Please share in the comments or drop me a note 

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  • Logo Design

    Cool gadgets :)

  • Ben


  • UK Logo Design

    Nice stuff! btw i like that last images most! very nice idea!

  • design company logo

     That’s great a useful gadget for kitchen.

  • Template Design

    Wow nice showcase, You got some really useful gadget there superb….

  • Nahtan Hgiheal

    How did you cure the gorilla glue under the cabinet? Wonderful project, thanks!

  • Ben

    Per the instructions I got both surfaces damp and applied the glue and then just clamped it up there and let it cure for a few hours. The hardest part was clamping it up there but I figured it out.

  • Ouch

    Am I misreading this? The jars are $5.99 a piece, 10 magnets are $5.99, you have 30 completed spice jars?

  • Ben

    Correct. I’m a “thrifty” person so it was hard to pay $5 for each spice jar but having them all within reach while cooking and having all that extra cupboard space was worth it. Plus they look awesome. You may be able to find some better (cheaper) spice jars out there but these were the style I wanted.

  • Ben
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