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I’m no fan of the suntan-lotion-stealing TSA, and I believe I’ve made my feelings clear on this, but that’s not what this is about.

Since I am not president yet, I am taking the TSA acronym and going to create something that actually  makes our lives better.
I’m starting a new project called Truly Simple Actions or TSA.

The goal of my TSA is to help make this world a better place and improve our lives, one simple action at a time.
Similar to my 1AW project, I’m going to try, and suggest to you, a simple action you could do each week that will improve your life and that of those around you.  That’s it.

Each week + one thing = life better.

I’m going to kick this off with a good one that’s fitting with the Thanksgiving holiday.

TSA #1:  Buy a meal for someone who needs it

There are a lot of people out there who are out of work, money, food and could use some help.  If you are in a position to spare a few dollars I encourage you to buy a meal for someone who needs it.

There are several easy ways to make this happen:

  • Donate to your local food bank
  • Find a local family through your church or local shelter
  • Random act of pizza (This is what I did)

There is a great section on Reddit where you can help out a family in need with a random act of pizza.  Its very easy and I guarantee the 20 bucks (or less) you spend on the pizza will leave you with the biggest smile on your face for days.  Honestly its the best money you could spend and you will be helping someone in need.

If you are unsure of how this works, read the right column on the random act of pizza page and it explains the process.  I simply responded to a request, messaged the family in need and asked them how many people in their family, what they liked on their pizza and got their address.  I then ordered some pizza online for pickup at the nearest Papa Johns and let them know when and where to pick it up.

The whole process only took a few minutes, was very easy, and let me with a wonderful grin on my face for days.

I also got this nice picture from the family.

If you want to start off your holidays with a smile and help out a family in need at the same time I encourage you to take a few minutes today and join me in this Truly Simple Action number 1.

I will be posting a new TSA each week so make sure to bookmark TrulySimple, or sign up for the newsletter so you don’t miss out on any of them.

Also if you’ve got a suggestion for something that you’ve done that has improved your life, please let me know.


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