TSA #2 – Go do something fun

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I hope you all took the opportunity to help someone out and put a huge smile on your face and did the  TSA #1.

This weeks TSA is all about you and your plans.  So… What do you have planned?

The only difference between you spending the night at home watching TV and doing nothing verses going out with friends and doing something fun is the plan.

Plan something fun!


TSA #2:  Go do something fun

Make a plan.  Right now.  Decide to do something fun and make a plan to make that happen.  Call, email,  text, or Facebook some friends and plan to do something fun.  Go onto your local towns’ website and see what local events are happening in your area and make plans to go.

Friends at December Nights

Friends at December Nights

This weekend, the very beautiful, Balboa Park is having one of my most favorite events; December Nights.  The entire park is filled with holiday lights, people, and great food.  They open up all the museums for free and there is a ton of cool performances happening all over the park.

And the food…  Oh the food.  They have this international village where each country has its own little house and throughout that area you can eat the most amazing foods from around the world.  The aebleskivers from the Swedish house are AWESOME!  You also have your standard fair food available for all your kettle corn needs.

So that is my plan for this weekend.  What are you planning?


TSA = Truly Simple Actions
The goal of the TSA project is to help make this world a better place and improve our lives, one simple action at a time.

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