1-A-Week: Week 3 & 4 – Hats and tile

Jan 29, 2012 by

For weeks 3 and 4 of my 1AW project I am donating some old ski hats and giving away some free leftover white ceramic tile.

The tile has been in our house since we moved in 10+ years ago and I dug it out of the garage rafters while cleaning out some stuff the other day.  I don’t need to store it so I’m giving it away on Craigslist so someone can use it on their project.

And we’ve collected way too many winter ski hats over the years and while getting out our ski gear to go skiing the other day I set aside a bunch of hats to donate.

so nice to have the extra room.


1AW is a project by which I’m getting rid of at least 1 thing each week that I do not need, want, or use anymore. Doing at least one thing per week helps me reduce the clutter in my life and make room for what is truly important.

What are you getting rid of this week?  Leave a comment and let me know.