TSA #23 – Sign Up For Fun

Apr 24, 2012 by

This week is another fun Truly Simple Action.  This week you must sign up to do something fun.  We are all busy with work and life and all the stuff in between, but now it’s time to schedule in some fun

Right now, Google something fun that you want to do.  It may be a kayaking trip, a wine tasting tour of the local wineries, or a ridiculous obstacle course.  Yeah you know I’m picking that one.

The point is, there are a million fun things out there to do.  Some cost a little money, but many are free and are just waiting for you to enjoy them.  Take the next 10 minutes and get on Google and resolve to find at least one thing that you can sign up to do.  Meetup.com is another great resource to find likeminded individuals doing fun things together as well.

Don’t just say that you will do one of those things “someday”.  Find something that you have to sign up for. Put it on the calendar.  Invite your friends.  Make it a real thing that you won’t put off because of whatever excuse you come up with that day.  Get your friends together, put it on your calendar and plan a fun day around it.

Life can be busy, but if you don’t fill it up with fun, you won’t have any.  It’s just that simple.


TSA = Truly Simple Actions
The goal of the TSA project is to improve your life and help make this world a better place, one simple action at a time.  Take time this week to do this one simple thing.

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