What are we doing?

Jun 5, 2012 by

Warning… short rambling of some thoughts I’ve wanted to get out of my head for a while now.

What are we doing?

As a people I mean?  Why do we constantly fight, back and forth, about things that don’t really matter?  Why do we listen to politicians and celebrities who have nothing valuable to add to the conversation?  Why do we repeat the same cycle of distraction, obsession, destruction and indifference?

These thoughts have been rattling around my head lately especially as the presidential race is beginning and my mailbox is flooded with incoherent messages of division or hate toward one particular issue, group or person.  I don’t watch the news.  I can’t.  It drives me insane.  Its the main reason I cut the cable into our home.  I try to filter out as much as possible as its all just the new reality TV set on a larger stage.

We bring up issues that don’t matter and bring out the crazies from each side to shout out talking points that neither addresses their side or answers any questions about the topic, but rather just belittles or decries the other side as evil or wrong.  We pitch 2 parties against each other and nothing of any real meaning gets addressed or fixed.

I’m a fixer.  If I see or am presented with a problem, I just fix it.  This doesn’t serve me particularly well when listening to my wife as all she wants is for me to listen, but all I want to do is fix and eliminate the problem.  I would not do well in politics.

I swing between two extremes lately of utter hopelessness for our current system and its “leaders” and bright hope for the future when I look at the kids today who just don’t care about everything everyone is arguing at today.  I’m hoping we can last long enough for them to be in a position to affect change.  I’m am hopeful for the day when we have a generation brought up who understand what is minutia and what matters.  I’m hopeful we can raise a generation with the skills to see through the distractions of the media and see the spin in every story.  I’m hopeful that technology will outpace our problems and can find solutions to the destruction we have caused.

I try to swing toward hope.

And all of that rambling brings me to this.

Everyone is busy these days.  Needlessly so.  We try to cram more in each second of everyday, and I am certainly guilty of this.  As I’m writing this I’m on the train, on the way home from work.  The train travels up the pacific coast and it has the most beautiful view of the ocean, but I’m often found head down in my laptop or phone, clicking on the next link to entertain me or get me riled up on the state of the world.

We are all busy and we all have so much going on.  We distract ourselves to avoid our problems.  We get upset by others who mindlessly hurl their opinions out to make a point.  We fail to look past the message to consider the messenger which only confounds the problem or creates one.

So what are we doing?  What are you doing?  What will you do?

Will you work to avoid distractions in your life?  Will you put in an effort to make time for that which is truly important?  Will you brush off the ignorant comments made by others and understand that they are probably (obviously) going through something that is making them so unhappy that they feel the need to lash out?  Will you work toward understanding those around you and help out where you can?  Will you stop and take a moment to watch the sun set on the ocean?  Ask yourself, “What are we doing?”

And finally, here’s a good tip to keep you sane.

Here’s to making life a little more simple and working toward what really matters.  How we get there is the jouney we should all be helping one another on.


PS. I haven’t posted any recipes in a while because I’ve been having some stupid sinus issues which has caused me to not be able to taste anything.  Not fun, but I’m hoping to get that resolved soon and get cooking and posting again.  Stay tuned.

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