My Beautiful New Closet Door

Aug 5, 2012 by

I’ve been wanting to show this one off for a while, but my hard drive crashed and took all of my files with it so its taken me a couple weeks to get a new hard drive installed and all my files backed up.  But with that all behind me I can finally show off my latest project that I completed.

This is our hall closet and it used to have a terribly ugly closet door.  I had always wanted to put something else in there, but never knew what.  Then I got an idea to do a hanging style barn door and thus this project came to be.

I wanted to use reclaimed wood as I wanted an older look to it.  All of the wood was from old fences and I got it for free from a fencing company that was just throwing it way.

My dad was down for a visit so he helped me build the door.  I am also very lucky and have a neighbor that has all the woodworking tools that I don’t have.  Here I am planing the boards.

Here are all the pieces of the frame, railing and hangers being painted.  I was going to buy the hardware to hang the door, but then I looked at the prices.

The prices for a door like this run around $1000 and up.  The price just for the hangers start at $300 and up.  So I built my own.

So all in total the door cost be about $50 but a lot of time cleaning up the old wood boards.  But it came out beyond awesome and I love looking at it every time I walk down the hallway.

So there is my new door.  I’m very proud to show it off and very happy with how it came out.



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