The Simple Pleasures

Aug 8, 2012 by

I got up early this morning so I could sit outside and have a bowl of cereal.  Its not a big deal, but its one of those little things that makes me happy.I love sitting outside in the early morning when the sun is already up, but its not yet hot.  I love fresh fruit on cornflakes.  I love the smell of a summer morning.

It’s the simple things that make this life wonderful.

I love family dinners when we have friends over and all sit around the table eating and laughing.  I love watering my garden.  I love making food from the garden (I ate this again last night. It was so good!).  I love taking my dog for a walk.  I love building things.  I love fixing things.  I love just going for a drive. I love talking with my older neighbors.  I love great design.  And I love helping others.

These are some of the simple things that make me ridiculously happy.

What are the simple things in life that make you happy?

This is not a rhetorical question.  This is not something to ponder and let pass as you move on to the next online distraction.  Stop for 60 seconds right now and think about the little things that make you happy.

Now write those things down.  Grab a piece of paper, or email yourself the list.  Take 1 minute right now to do this.  Write down all the little things that make you smile.  Write down all the fun things you’ve done and would like to do again.

Now save that list somewhere that you can see it often.  Put it up on the fridge, or tape it to your computer monitor.  Look at this list frequently and start making plans and mental notes to do more of those things.

Its these simple things in life that will make you happy and it is up to you to make those simple things happen.

It really is that simple.


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