Forget it and move on

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It’s time to get moving forward.  Do you have something in your past that you can’t get over?  Do you have something holding you back from moving forward?  Did you just have a bad day yesterday and are having a hard time getting started today?

I’ts time to forget it and move on.


We all screw up.  That is how we learn.  We need to remember that we don’t start out experts at everything.  This is something that continually gets to me as I try to be good at everything, and when I’m not it can bother me.  But if we never tried anything new, we’d be doing the same old things forever.  Who cares if you may or may not be great at something.  You’ve got to move forward and try new things.  The funny thing about life and regret is that it works the opposite of how you think it does.  You’ll regret not taking the chances to do something great verses the possible unintended outcomes of trying something new.  That is called living.



Life is more about reacting to how you handle the situations that you face than living day to day in a static routine never trying anything new.  Live your life.  Try new things.

plot twist

When something unexpected happens, call it what it is, a plot twist in your story, and learn from it and keep moving.   You are the author of your own story.  Don’t make it a boring one.  Live life to the fullest and don’t be afraid to learn from a mistake or two.  That is how you learn to do great new things.



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