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As I mentioned in my last post about starting new traditions, Christmas season is upon us and that means Christmas shopping.

Stuff is cheap these days.  It seems like for a lot of people if they want something they just go out and buy it.  There is no more waiting for it, or saving up.  We can just go out and get the things we want when we want them because it’s easy.  Now that said the stuff we get may not be all that great.  It’s often made of cheap plastic now and falls apart shortly after getting it, but that’s what we get for the convenience of cheap.

All of that then causes issues when it comes to buying gifts for other people.  Either A, If they wanted it they would have already bought it, or B, its not always satisfying buying cheap plastic thingamabobs just for the sake of buying something for someone.  So this year, buck the trend and go another route.

I’d encourage you to try to build or make something for those that are on your shopping list.  There are any number of resources out there online to help you build almost anything.  Even if you think you are not handy, I’d encourage you to try.  Something you made yourself will carry a huge value that you cannot buy in a store.  But if making things is not your bag, I’d encourage you to buy something homemade.


A friend of mine makes cool stuff like this on Etsy.

With wonderful sites like Etsy, you can find amazing hand made items that are head and shoulders above any cheap plastic bit you could find in a big box store.  A friend of mine has a great Etsy store where makes some cool things out of wood and metal.  These are unique pieces that can’t be found at Walmart and each one has a real character to it that you don’t find in mass produced items.  It’s these types of unique items that make great gifts.

So this week, take a look at your shopping list and think about what items you could make or buy handmade for your loved ones.  Also if you can I want to encourage you help out those less fortunate than yourself this year.



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