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Halloween came and went, daylight saving has robbed us of our daylight and the holidays are now upon us.  What the heck happened to October???

The holidays can bring a lot of things with it.  It can bring excitement to see friends and family.  It can signal the end of our well-intentioned diets.  It can be the anticipation of presents from the children or the dread of buying all the presents from the parents.  We all have holiday traditions.  Some we like,  some we hate, but force ourselves to get through.

This year it is time to create a new tradition.   A new simple tradition of helping others.

I started out these Truly Simple Actions each year with helping others and there is no better time than the holidays to start this tradition.

Sadly for many, this time of year can be dreadful.  With an already stretched-tight financial system, many cannot afford the things they need daily, let alone extra presents for their children.

So your Truly Simple Action for this week and new Simple holiday tradition for this year, and hopefully years to come, is to reach it out and lend a hand to those who need a little help.  If you  can afford to adopt a family who is in need then you should.  It’s just that simple.  Spread some holiday cheer this year by helping those less fortunate than yourself.

There is a great charity called Friends and Helpers who run a special Adopt A Family program for the holidays.  100% of the money you donate goes directly to the families in need.  Let me repeat that.  Every single dollar you give, goes straight to the families that need it.  That is huge.

You can adopt a stocking for $25 dollars, or adopt an entire family and really change the lives of some real people who just need a little help this year.

It is important to have some family traditions around the holidays and this year is a great time to start a new one in helping other families out.

Your Truly Simple Action this week is to help out a family that needs a little help this holiday season.


TSA = Truly Simple Actions The goal of the TSA project is to improve your life and help make this world a better place, one simple action at a time.  Take time this week to do this one simple thing. Previous TSA’s: 


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