What TrulySimple is all about


I believe in challenging the status quo.

I believe we need to ask the questions no one is asking.

I believe that this world is not beyond saving.

I believe there are simple things we can do each day to make our lives better.

I believe that our culture over complicates our lives and it is our calling  to change that.

I believe it is up to us to use our passion and creativity to make the complicated simple.

I want to provide a truly simple way to make people’s lives better.  So I created this blog to explore the ideas of living a simple life and what that means.   I expect this definition to grow and change as this site and my understanding evolves, but for now its about reducing stress, reducing clutter and learning to grow and be happy with the simple things in life that are all around us.

I want to explore what minimalism means, how getting back to basics can make us happy and healthier and how we can use new technology to deliver on its old promise of making our lives easier.


I hope you enjoy the site and I’d love to hear your feedback.

Thank you for stopping by.


My Background:

I’m a kid at heart.  A storyteller by nature, I survived and escaped Hollywood with my soul in tact.  I’ve worked/played in technology since I learned to program on an Apple IIgs and translated that passion into a few start-ups     I’ve done everything from streaming some of the largest extreme sporting events from around with world to building a fantastic company and some amazing video technology with DivX. I’m passionate about changing the world and have thrown my hand into several start-ups ranging from revolutionizing healthcare to creating the latest in video technologies.

You can connect with me via…

Email: ben (at) trulysimple.com

Twitter: twitter.com/trulysimple

Twitter: (me) twitter.com/thekid