A tomato creme vegetable soup and an appetizer

Dec 24, 2011 by

I haven’t posted a recipe in a little while, so here are 2 for you.  I’ve actually been cooking a lot, just not found the time to post them.

Since the weather is a little colder, its time for a nice soup and I found an awesome recipe for some bacon wrapped potato appetizer things.  And anything wrapped in bacon is awesome, so I had to try them.

We just recently had our Christmas party with friends since my wife has to work in the ER on Christmas.   We cooked and baked for a whole day and made tons of great food.

Lets start off with the appetizer.


Yes, they look that amazing and EVERYONE said they tasted even better.  Plus they are ridiculously easy to make, so that’s nice too.

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Bacon wrapped hotdogs

Jun 23, 2011 by

If you’ve never had a bacon wrapped hotdog you are missing out.

I decided to try a video recipe this time. Let me know what you think.

Next time you pass by one of those sketchy looking street vendors selling these give them a try. Or better yet make one yourself.


Like the video recipe? Let me know and I’ll make more.

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