Momma Jane’s bread recipe

May 8, 2011 by

Happy Mothers day to my wonderful mom and to all mothers out there!

I have the best mom in the world.   I really do.  And she makes THE best bread in the world.  She really does.


Growing up all my friends used to come over to my house after school, church, whatever just to to eat my moms food and especially her bread and jam.  THIS is the THAT bread recipe.


So when my mom came down for a visit we spent an entire weekend just cooking and baking and I got to sit back and just take pictures.  Brilliant! Actually I also got to eat all of the amazing food as well.   I mean  just look at those rolls!  oh yum.

You will want to make these rolls, nay, you will NEED to make these rolls.

Behold!  THIS is Mama Jane’s famous bread recipe

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THE best zucchini bread ever

Sep 5, 2010 by

IMG_1718 I hate wasting food.  I still do it sometimes, but I hate it.

So my wife bought a bunch of bananas the other day and they went bad quick!  I also had a HUGE zucchini in my garden that I had no way of cooking.

So I made bread.  Lots and lots of bread.  Any neighbors and co-workers are going to eat, lots and lots of bread.

For the zucchini bread, I had to break out momma Jane’s famous recipe.  This is THE best zucchini bread ever.  Just ask my neighbors and co-workers if you don’t believe me.  For the banana bread, I scoured the internet and found one I wanted to try.

Here’s the zucchini bread recipe…

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