1-A-Week: Week 6: Random CD’s

Feb 13, 2011 by

This week’s 1AW that I’m getting rid of is an old box of CD’s that I found buried deep in the attic of the garage.

Why was I bothering to keep a box of CD’s, (many never opened) for so long?  Who knows…

I used to work at a music video production company in Hollywood and would get TONS of free promotional CD’s from bands or from the artists we worked with.  So many of these stayed in their impossible to open plastic wrapping and were placed in a box never to be seen or listened to.   So now they go.  Off to be donated to the Salvation Army for someone else’s listening enjoyment.

What are you getting rid of this week for your 1AW?  Leave a comment and you could win my last week’s giveaway which was a very cool wine holder from Malaysia.


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