Creamy chipotle penne pasta with shrimp and Cajun hotlinks

Jan 12, 2011 by

“Something good but not hamburgers.”

That was the request for dinner from my NyQuil drunk wife as she was passing out to sleep(she works night shift at the ER). That is what she wanted for dinner, so that was what I was going to make.

With that very specific request in mind I set out to make something great that wasn’t hamburgers.


I looked around the house and saw what I had on hand. I had some extra Cajun hotlinks from re-making this recipe for new years eve.  Also had some pasta and some chipotle peppers, so I set out to make a nice chipotle cream penne pasta with shrimp and the Cajun hotlinks.  This recipe turned out so good and after being so sick and finally being able to taste food, this hit the spot, and was very easy to make.

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