Any Day Now…

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Any day now…

That’s the latest on the baby front.  Any day now we will have a baby.  Any day now our family will grow 33% and we will have a new little on in our lives.  No longer will it be just my beautiful wife and me.

Any day now, everything will change…and I am so thankful.

We’ve been going through the last minute preparations, packing the bags, making sure we have everything we think we might need for a baby etc.  In going through part of that process we’ve had 5 baby showers of various sizes (my wife wanted zero baby showers), and have received so much from everyone.  We went from having no baby items to having a house full of baby items and it’s a little overwhelming, but its also amazing.

As my wife diligently wrote out wonderful thank you cards to everyone as I set up all the baby gear I was so thankful to everyone who was so gracious with their gifts for our new little boy.  He will be well loved.

While all the cute onesies and baby furniture are wonderful and appreciated I am just very grateful for everything and everyone in my life and its from that gratefulness that springs about an abundance of happiness.


If you are looking for a shortcut to happiness, it can be found via the path of gratitude.  If you are thankful for who and what you have in your life you will find yourself overcome with happiness.  It’s just that simple.


If you think you are lacking in some areas of your life you are focusing on the wrong things.  Look to all that you do have and those shortcomings won’t seem so short, and will soon disappear by the abundance of everything you do have.

Finally, I have to show this off.  12 years ago when we moved into our house our new neighbor Don told us that when we have kids, he would build us a cradle.  12 years later when we told him we were having a baby, I don’t think there was anyone more excited than Don.  He got to work right away and spent a month in his garage making this most amazing and beautiful cradle.  He made every inch of this by hand including the design.


Another quick story.  Not only did our neighbor Don make this cradle, but our other neighbor Ann made the bedding for it.  She knew we liked Calvin and Hobbles and went to look for that material at the store but when she got there forgot what she was looking for and was instead asking for Cheech and Chong material.   She couldn’t find either, so we settled on trucks.  Good times.

I am very thankful for all the great people in my life and that is where my happiness comes from.

Very soon I will have a new little one to be thankful for.

Any day now…



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