Cleaning out my island

Dec 29, 2010 by

Time to clean out my island.

No, thats not my island.


Here is my island.  isn’t it pretty?

A few times lately I’ve been cooking and looking for some tool or utensil and I know have 7 of them, but can’t find a single one.  My drawers are overflowing with kitchen stuff and I don’t know why I might ever need 12 scrapers, or 8 wooden spoons all at once.

So I set out to clean out my kitchen island drawers and get rid of some items that I have way too many of and never use


Here is the mess


This is the worst drawer.  An abyss of utensils and implements of destruction


This one is also bad, but slightly better with the silverware being somewhat organized, even if my knives don’t fit in the tray


And here it all is.  Everything that was in my drawers taken out.

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