TSA#46 – Keep trying

Oct 1, 2012 by

For 4 years now myself and 2 friends have entered a contest called the Nail and Sail in our towns Harbor Days.  It’s a fun event where they give you some lumber, nails and caulk and you have 2 hours to build a boat on the beach and then race it around the harbor against the other teams.  And for the last 4 years we lost spectacularly.  Three of those four years the boat sank upon us trying to get in it at the start of the race.  But not this year…

This year our team was amazing, our boat was brilliant and we won.   We won first place in our first heat with some to spare and took third overall in the finals, and it was so much fun.


Here is our awesome boat and amazing crew, Joe, Scott and me


Here we are paddling as hard as we can and making some good time as we gracefully glide through the water.

The point of all this, besides to brag that we didn’t sink won, is to say, don’t give up.  Keep trying.

For four years we’ve tried.  Each year we tried a different boat design.  Each year we sweat our asses off trying as hard as we could to build something that would float.

So this weeks Truly Simple Action is to keep trying.  Try harder.  Don’t give up.  Understand your goal and keep trying different things until you get there.  It may take a different combination of plans, people and effort, but keep trying.

Next year we take first place overall!


TSA = Truly Simple Actions The goal of the TSA project is to improve your life and help make this world a better place, one simple action at a time.  Take time this week to do this one simple thing.

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I built and sank a boat this weekend

Sep 26, 2011 by

What did you do?


As part of an annual tradition, we participated in our communities Nail and Sail again this past weekend.  Its part of Oceanside’s Harbor Day’s festivities and its a lot of fun.  The goal is simple.  You are supplied with some wood, nails and caulk.  You bring your own tools and you get 2 hours to build a boat that you will then sail around the harbor against the other boats.  This is our third year doing it.  The first year, we built an awesome boat that promptly sunk.  The second year our construction was a bit more thought out with pre-built scale models and everything.  While we did win for best construction, the boat was not as fast as it needed to be.


This year we went with a modified design off of a boat we liked last year.  The plan was solid, we had a lot of fun building it, but the results were not as we hoped.


Our theme this year was Rock the Boat and we all dressed up as rock stars (extra points for theme and costumes, and its just fun).  The bright pink paint was thanks to the returned paint section at Home Depot.


We had so much fun and had so many friends come out to cheer us on.


We already have some ideas for our boat for next year. I think we will win, but I’m positive we will have fun.


Here are some more pictures of the fun

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The Great Nail and Sail (AKA get out and have some fun)

Oct 10, 2010 by

IMG_0292 This post is about getting out and having fun.

This past weekend was one of my most favorite events of the year.  It takes place during our city’s Harbor Days, which is a mix of street fair, arts and crafts, mixed with some pirates and then throw in some good ole MacGyver DIY event called Nail and Sail and there you have it.

The Nail and Sail is an event by which each team gets a set amount of materials (wood and nails) and must then design and build a boat in 2 hours.  You bring your own tools (no power tools allowed) and you build your boat on the beach and then sail it around the harbor against the other teams.  It is so much fun, and this year our boat didn’t sink!

This was our second year of participating in the event.  Its a 3 person team with 2 people paddling the boat around the harbor.


Here is Kevin and myself making the first cuts


One half of our boat starting to take shape.


Mounting the two halves together


testing out some seating options, that we ended up not using


You must also build the paddles out of the lumber you are provided


Starting to paint our sea-faring vessel


The team.  costumes count, so we just threw some random things together.


We had some extra time so we made cup-holders.


The boat with our crew.


And here we are out in the lead…(but not for long)


It turns out that while our boat was of solid construction it was not the most streamlined ship ever made and was a lot of work to paddle.

We had so much fun building the boats with the other teams on the beach and loved all the on-lookers with the questions of “you guys are doing WHAT??!.  Everyone cheered us on both in building and racing around the harbor.  And while we didn’t win (yet), we will be back next year and we are gonna win the whole thing.

My fun story ends there, but this is where yours begins.   You have homework…

Your Homework:
Right now find some local fun event happening in your town.   Go online and search our what fun little festival is going on in your town and make a plan to go.  Put it on the calendar or go today if its today.  There are so many fun things happening in your area all of the time.   Get up off of the computer and go find them.

Go have fun.  Thats your homework.


If you know of a fun local festival that you love post it in the comments for others

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