So this is Christmas…

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When I was younger Christmas was a big deal in my house.  I’m not sure why exactly, but it was a big holiday where we went all out with a great tree, a lot of decorations around the house and a TON of presents under the tree.  Legos for days, Star Wars action figures strewn about, we were not lacking in anything.

Today when I think of Christmas I love to see a tree full of presents and love to watch people open gift after gift.  But I think that model is broken.  I think there is a better way.

Perhaps its just me getting older.  Perhaps its my priorities changing.  In recent years I’ve watched children at family gatherings open present after present, quickly throwing the 3 second old new toy down to grab another present to unwrap.  They are left with a pile of new toys and an even larger pile of boxes and wrapping paper and then usually only play with one thing, and often times that is the box that some large toy came in.  The other toys then get thrown into a toy box or closet full of other toys that never get played with and then are thrown away or given to the Good Will.

Less is more…

This year my family and I are still buying gifts for the children, but we are pooling our money to buy them one very nice thing that they will love verses 7 things that they may not need or want.  There will be 6 less boxes to wrap; 6 less boxes to throw away.  They will have less to open, but we hope they enjoy what they open and receive that much more.

Also this year I’m asking that no one buys me any gifts, but instead donate to a charity such as:

I know I’m running the risk of sounding like a pompous douche-bag when I say things like that, but I truly don’t need anything and I know there are many others around this world that really do.

Experience is everything…

And for those I am buying gifts for this year, I’m buying both them and myself experiences we can do together.  I’m buying them tickets to a concert, or football game.  Its not a box under the tree, but its a memory we can create and remember together.

I don’t want to tell you how you should have your Christmas.  I hope to inspire you to think of some great ways you can spend time with your friends, family and loved ones and not have piles of empty boxes and ignored toys to throw out this year.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas everyone


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