A Truly Simple Garden: The Beginning

May 10, 2010 by

There are questions that no ones asks.  Like, “why do I have a lawn?”  In my case it would be, “why do I have a front yard that used to have a lawn, but now has patchy brown grass, weeds, and mole hills, and why do I continue to put in my time, money and energy into it?”

I asked myself this question after the sprinklers broke…again…for the last time.

So the question was asked and the answer was obvious.

“I don’t know.”

So from that day on the lawn had a short life span.  I wasn’t going to touch it, fix it or improve it.  I was going to get rid of it and replace it with a garden.

Thus the garden project began.  I chose the front yard for 2 reasons.  First the afore mentioned sprinkler issue and to do something different and create a centerpiece to attract discussion and inspiration for others.

Getting started on the garden:

Here is what I knew going into this project:

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