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I’m currently mid way through remodeling my office.  Its the last room in my house that I have not yet remodeled.   I might have to move after this.

This is not a big remodel project.   Only removing the popcorn on the ceiling (who ever thought that was a good idea?), replacing the old window, paint, carpet and a new desk.  This is the lightest of all my remodels thus far.

I’m a big DIY guy.  I love to work with my hands and create.  I love to build.  I love to fix.  I love to restore.   And I think a lot of others are catching on to this way of thinking.

Our throw away culture is unsustainable and people are starting to recognize this.  Recently I found a book by Mark Frauenfelder the editor of MAKE Magazine, entitled Made by Hand: Searching for Meaning in a Throwaway World. (affiliate links)  This book explores the deeper meaning and connection you have with the things you make vs consume.

I’ve been building as long as I can remember.  From Lego’s as a child, to forts, to cars, I’m a consummate maker.   I’ve really come to understand this connection deeper with my garden project.  It truly changes your views of food and sustainability when you can just walk into your yard to grab lettuce for your salad, or garlic for your dinner.

Our culture is slowly understanding that our current model doesn’t work.  Its broken.  We’ve been sold a bill of goods that won’t work, won’t last, won’t make us happy and is done so at the expense of others.  But there is hope.

There are people challenging the model.  There are people creating vs buying.  There are new ideas out there that need to be discussed, worked out, experimented with.

I hope to write about some of those ideas and I hope you’ll join in on the discussion.

“There’s a way to do it better – find it.”
—  Thomas Edison

Lets find that better way.


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